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 Members' Blogs   Sometime soon I will update this Vitesse blog.

Sometime soon I will update this Vitesse blog.

What can I tweak next?

What can I tweak next?
Latest Entries-

Changes. Unexpected but welcomed.

It still doesn't look like a car daddy.

One tub from two.

Regarding rotten body tubs

First visit back to Mays Engineering Limited

Chassis primed and painted

Christmas is over, back to work...

Until next year George!

Vitesse is booked in for partial restore.

Should I get George (partially) restored?

Found the Club Triumph Identification Chart - decided to check mine.

Trip to Enfield Pageant of Motoring

Maldon Photo Shoot

I sold my motorcycle and bought an old banger.

This one?

This one?

Changes. Unexpected but welcomed.

Progress? Well there have been changes.
Neil and his dad, Keith went into financial meltdown following a disagreement with their landlord (as well as other reasons but they're not my problem now).
David Picton ( was able at short notice to assist me and remove George to his workshop in near North London... and to cut a long story short, sold George, bought a 1968 Mk 1 Vitesse convertible. Happy days.

Before you ask, yeah, I've got changes planned.

posted by Steve 15th November 2016 4:09pm gmt

It still doesn't look like a car daddy.

Another Saturday, another visit to Mays Engineering.
Keith was there to meet me as promised and work is beginning to progress once more now that the we have a plan that deals with the old rotten tub. (Keith you are a genius!)

This was 2 tubs. It is possible in this picture to see the seam where they have been brought together.

New engine block complete with: new rings, bearings and polished crank.

Inside view. The tubs are now ready to be bolted to chassis, then the rest of welding can begin. 

Once all welding is complete, next stage is to remove and blast the tub ready for painting.

posted by Steve 12th June 2016 3:30pm gmt

One tub from two.

Keith's idea is to splice two old tubs into one by splitting them horizontally along the seam and joining back together to make a new tub. So the old tub has been set aside while over the last few weeks Keith set about cutting and welding to create a more viable body. It will still need two new outer wheel arches and a few repairs here and there but nothing like the mountain of work that was ahead with the original tub.

posted by Steve 03rd May 2016 12:22am gmt

Regarding rotten body tubs

Spoke with Neil today to discuss our options, he has agreed to price up the re-mediation work on the existing tub. This will allow us to calculate whether replacing or repairing is the most economical option. They do plan to continue the work on the rest of the car in the meantime.

posted by Steve 07th March 2016 5:51pm gmt

First visit back to Mays Engineering Limited

Rotten Rear Tub

So it was agreed with Neil to visit today to see how work was progressing with George. Neil called last minute yesterday to postpone I had to explain that unfortunately Saturday was my only change for the next couple of months to come band see the work. He arranged for Keith (his dad) to be onsite to discuss.

The bad news:

The rear tub. The shot blasting has revealed that it is suffering with widespread rust and holes. It is likely that it will require substantial repairing or even replacing depending on which is the least costly. Keith was very helpful in coming up with possible solutions to this problem: they might have a rear tub (back end smash) where they could cut the forward section off and weld to mine. But they'd still need to repair the remaining holes & rusted sections.

Good news: The chassis reassembly has begun!

As for the engine, that has yet to begin.

posted by Steve 05th March 2016 8:40pm gmt

Chassis primed and painted

So far, so good. The work appears to be coming along nicely. Primer and red paint on.

posted by Steve 11th February 2016 5:20pm gmt

Christmas is over, back to work...

Spoke to Neil of  Mays Engineering Limited today.
Summary: The chassis is in great condition, only a couple of welds here and there needed to make good. He sent through latest set of pictures taken during the strip down.

posted by Steve 05th February 2016 6:00pm gmt

Until next year George!

Ok, so it's finally here. I have dropped George off at  Mays Engineering Limited.  The girls were a little upset to see him go (even gave him a little kiss goodbye). Me, I'm just hoping it will all be worth while.

Last look before I left.

posted by Steve 01st December 2015 3:10pm gmt

Vitesse is booked in for partial restore.

I've spent a great deal of time visiting and speaking to a variety of classic car restoration specialists. I think I've seen the full range of garage types: Those with very best in professional garages to those poor guys working out of a small back yard. I finally chose Mays Engineering for a these reasons:

  1. They clearly have experience with Triumphs.
  2. They offer a standardised pricing system. (Plus any additional spare parts / welding required)
  3. Their price, I could afford.
  4. My engine: They could perform a restoration and swap for a genuine Mk2 Vitesse block at the same time,
  5. They could do the work I needed and leave me to finish the rest.
  6. They fairly were close by (1 hour drive).

Website link

George is booked in for the 1st December 2015.

posted by Steve 09th July 2015 12:06am gmt

Should I get George (partially) restored?

So, I've had George a while now and I'm aware of all the nagging things I'd like to get done. I'm fairly sure given enough time and a larger garage (or alternative storage space) I could do all the things I'd like myself. But I don't. The things that nag me most:

  1. Badly aligned body work.
  2. Doors are in bad shape: I reckon they are 50% filler by weight (exaggeration but that's how it feels)
  3. Swap engine for original Mk2 Vitesse.
  4. Fit Overdrive. 
  5. Interior: Needs:
    • Seats made like new again.
    • Interior door cars
    • Rear quarter panels
    • Carpets
    • Dash veneer
    • Dash Surround
    • etc,
    • etc

I'll do the interior myself - I have the room. The chassis, looks pretty solid, but I'd like it stripped down and made like new before I fix the body work.
So I have taken some photos to send a few nearby companies that can help with the chassis & body restoration.

Body panels, you can see the alignment issues.

The darker side of George

posted by Steve 28th March 2015 4:38pm gmt

Found the Club Triumph Identification Chart - decided to check mine.

I decided today to check the I.Ds on the Vitesse using the Club Triumph Identification Chart. It has revealed that, yes he is a genuine Mk2 convertible. However the engine is originally from a Mk2 Triumph 2000. Now added to my list of things I'd like to change: Find an original Mk2 Vitesse Engine and fit.


Model               Commission      Body    Engine  Gearbox Diff
Vitesse 6 sal HB....#DL% HBD HB HB HB...RA
Vitesse 6 con HB....#CV% HBC HB HB HB...RA
Vitesse 2l sal HC....#DL% ....HB HC HC FD
Vitesse 2l con HC....#CV% ....HBC HC HC FD
Vitesse mk2 sal HC....#DL% ....HC HC HC HC
Vitesse mk2 con HC....#CV% ....HCC HC HC HC

#=L for LHS. % = O for overdrive. MK2 numbers start from 50,000


Model               Commission      Body    Engine  Gearbox Diff
2000 mk1 MB....#DL% B!S* MB/MC MB MB
2000 mk2 ME....#DL% BCS* ME MB ME (MEC Auto)
2000 mk2 Est. ME....#SC% BCE* ME MB MEA (MED Auto)

#=L for LHS. %=O for overdrive, BW for automatic. *=L for LHS,R for RHS

posted by Steve 02nd February 2015 7:10pm gmt

Trip to Enfield Pageant of Motoring

We used to live down the road from this event so we had been a few times before. Now it's not so close, but I have a keener interest than ever before. The drive down in the Vitesse was a good one and the weather was fantastic.

Enfield Pageant of Motoring

Der ner ner ner ner ....ner BatMan!


Not my kind of thing, but impressive engineering

General Lee.


In my dreams

I love this little car

How much chrome?

If you look closely you can see the pub

Even slept in noisy old Vitesse

They both did!

posted by Steve 25th May 2014 9:12pm gmt

Maldon Photo Shoot

Out for a long drive today, stopped by Maldon. Quick beer and a couple of moments to take a few photos of old George.

posted by Steve 09th May 2014 1:00pm gmt

I sold my motorcycle and bought an old banger.

So, after 25(ish) years of motorcycling, I am now the proud owner of a Mark 2 Triumph Vitesse convertible. The girls and I have decided he is called George. Why? Look at the colours and it's also an old family name.

He may not be the smartest Vitesse in the world but we love him.

posted by Steve 15th March 2014 1:03pm gmt

This one?

So I spotted this in sweetie in Twickenham, on eBay...

Buy it now price: £4,250... KerChing! I decided I wanted it.

posted by Steve 09th March 2014 11:37pm gmt

This one?

Saw an Ad for this today up in Birmingham. Drove all the way there hoping she would be the one.

But it was never to be. Chassis resembled Weetabix and the body wasn't much better. I drove home empty handed.

posted by Steve 09th March 2014 1:00pm gmt

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