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the rarely updated Bobyspit Spitfire Blog


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I must read and update soon.

wow an update. Well its been years!

Update on the Triumph Spitfire Zetec Conversion

This blog needs to be re named the rarely updated Spitfire Blog!!

Long Time No update.

Problem Found


RBRR fundraising starts

International Auto Ecosse 2010

A bit of wood work.


Putting it all back together


Megasquirt/ Mega Stimulator


P&P Not the Xmas meal.

RBRR 2010.


Knackered Gasket.

All stickered up!!

New MOT and Stafford.

Heat Sheild!

Northern Camping Weekend and more work on the car.


Horrible wining noise.

I must read and update soon.

Well I must start with an apology, I have been busy.
I moved to a house which was not finished and as such have been very busy building.

My first big project was a new garage for the Spitfire, Yes a purpose built stone garage built to help me upkeep and upgrade the Spitfire (or Spitford as its been nicknamed.)

Well Pic attached of the  new garage and I must add that I have been busy with the car also.

The rear differential was weak, 130bhp at the wheels did cause some issues with the Differential causing the bearings to give up about 2 years ago, leaving a horrible noise when driving so I have decided to give it a BIG upgrade , that being a Subaru LSD . Good for 250bhp.

More to come regarding the Subaru Diff upgrade.

I will say that if you have any questions please mail me on as I don't always get notifications from here with messages.

Well pic of Garage attached and welcome back to the blog.


posted by Bobbyspit 27th October 2016 10:52pm gmt

wow an update. Well its been years!

Well this is my first post in a very long time. I have been busy!

First the car! It was finished in 2013. (if it can ever be called finshed) This was a great year for doing too much with so very little time. I moved jobs, moved to Scotland and travelled to Manchester on 5 or so occassions to work and complete the Spitfire prior to completing the 2013 10 Countries run.

The car was MOT'd in July with a seriously hot running engine which I had mapped with a basic set up on the megasquirt. I returned to Manchester in the end of July and drove the car to a Rolling Road in Maclesfield Cheshire. A great rolling road set up was done producing 150bhp at the crank and an indicated 130+ at the wheels. This was a new engine and should loosen up and give a few extra horses.

With the car set up on the rolling road, I headed to my new home in Scotland, 325 mile journey was great, is shook my alternator bracket to pieces and threw up a few other little niggles. Well with the trip back to Manchester the day before the 10CR, to my Well the 10CR was superb, the car had one minor issue with the set up and I had set the EDIS to cut out when the engine got too hot and it only went above my setting once in the hills of Italy, which required a stop and wait whilst the engine cooled down. This has now been increased and is now not an issue.

The 10CR was a superb test of the new set up, in total with the return trip to Scotland I managed 3000 pain free miles with superb fuel economy, at one point 50+mpg.

The car looks and sounds all things Triumph , but has the go the car was meant to have.

The car returned with me to Scotland in 2014 where I was to take part in the Auto Ecosse however the event was cancelled and the car was mothballed as I am now in the process of building a garage in the grounds of my new home near Crieff in Perthshire. The car is in need of a new Differential as my last one went POP I suspect too much power. The plan is to go LSD in the near future, I have a replacement diff ready to fit, lets see what 2015 brings.

With the garage build in progress and the list of things to do ever increasing I see no real movement on the Spitfire until 2016 where I plan to return the car to its original finish and upgrade the brakes and diff. More to come.

I promise I will update this Blog a few more times this year.

posted by Bobbyspit 02nd March 2015 3:57pm gmt

Update on the Triumph Spitfire Zetec Conversion

Been Busy with the conversion so far. All adjustments have been made to the chassis and the engine and gearbox are fitted and the body has been put back on with the help of a few friends the other week.

Chassis has been treated to new front shocks and springs which are fully adjustable and the springs are more uprated than the ones fitted prior to the conversion, new vented discs have been purchaced and the GT6  bigger calipers and spacer kit ready to fit.

Really motoring now but there is still some way to go.

New stainless 2.25 inch pipes were collected today and hopfully in the next few weeks Ill have the exhaust fabricated and fitted.

Pipe WerX near Ormskirk provided the stainless pipes bent and they will also provide me the water rail once I have the spec required.

Really looking forward to getting the car on the road now.

All for now


posted by Bobbyspit 01st July 2012 00:39am gmt

This blog needs to be re named the rarely updated Spitfire Blog!!

This blog needs to be re named the rarely updated Spitfire Blog!!

After a very successful 2011 10CR (TEN COUNTRIES RUN) with Club Triumph which was a superb event taking me and my co-driver Neil through England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Lichtenstein, and Netherlands.

I picked Neil up from Warrington, before making our way across the Pennines to meet up with Mike Charlton in his lovely MK3 Spitfire.

After meeting up with Mike we headed down the RBRR route, also meeting up with Steve and Gaz who’s turn it was to take up the mantle of Team Shorts.

We headed towards our B&B which was about 10 minutes from the Plough where we would be starting the run on the next day.

As we pulled up at the B&B, we were met by Tim and Louise Ward in Tim’s uber GT6 mk3  and Roy and Julia Lacy in Roy’s classic looking white Gt6 they arrived as we were waiting for the electric gate to open now how’s that for timing!

Well 5 days later and some 2300 miles the 10CR (2800 in total) was complete, photos always speak a thousand words and I have attached some for you.

The Spitfire ran like a dream, one big issue I had was with the sparkplugs sooting up and making the car run like crap, replacement sparkplugs were the cure, so altitude and carb run cars do not mix! So having a look on my return was to inject the car sooner than later, so I stated my homework on the inlet and on pricing everything up and after long deliberation, I decided to convert the Spitfire to Zetec powered injection.

Some may ask why! The main reason would be reliability and service intervals, the spitfire really could have done with a service mid 10CR, the tappets needed adjusting and the oil would have benefited from a change. With a Zetec engine the service intervals would be every 12000 miles or 12 months, oil would be cheaper as would service parts, so Ebay provided a new 2.0ltr Zetec crate engine.

So it begins.

Engine and gearbox, chassis body all removed and engine was fitted  to my type 9 gearbox by means of a RS2000 alloy bell-housing, the bell-housing had to be altered to fit between the chassis rails. (Thanks Tim) Fabrication on the engine mounts have started and within the next month I plan to have the engine fitted and the body back in.

The Megasquirt ™  has now been fully tested on the Stim and my throttle body hooked up and the Idle valve calibrated. Really looking forward to getting this in the car and running.

posted by Bobbyspit 09th April 2012 6:17pm gmt

Long Time No update.

Pic 1 taken prior to the run, yes lots of polishing.

Ok, sorry for the lack of updating of this blog, passing of exams at work and recent change of job has left me with little time.

I have not attended many meetings this year at the Pendle and Pennine near Barnsoldwick, and I think this is going to get worse before it gets better.

The positive news I can bring you is the car is fixed and has completed the Auto Acosse in the beginning of June with Steve Thompson (Tiggrr on the Forum) We had tho great days low flying around Scotland on a great event. I am looking forward to next years event as I hope the run will take in a different area of Scotland. The roads were superb if the weather was not. We did have sun but we also had rain and cold weather, I can report that the roof did not go up until after the event!! It was great Pics attached.

Pic 2 again after a good polish.

I had put the new clutch plate in the car and this was its first run (in anger) and the car ran great, no issues and with a recent upgrade to the brakes performed superbly. The front brakes lock up at will now and are very predictable.

Interior back in at long last.

A veery wet run round Loch Long.

The next run is Club Triumph's 10CR.

10 Countries run. 10 Countries in 5 days.

The last time I attempted this event I failed dramaticly in Country 2 (France).

I hope to complete the event this year and enjoy the roads and company. Cannot Wait!

posted by Bobbyspit 10th July 2011 01:37am gmt

Problem Found

Well after a day of taking the Spitfire apart, I can say one thing.


Its the Clutch plate. Bought from a supplier 2 years ago, I see this as a premature failure, I will be contacting the supplier tomorrow, I hope they see it as I do.

Pics attached.

posted by Bobbyspit 01st November 2010 8:31pm gmt


Well the RBRR was an interesting experience.

I arrived with the car which was running great at Steve’s in Bury / Bolton area at 9:15am where we fitted the relay for the driving lamps before setting off to meet up with Neil McDonnell and his brother at Lymm services on the M6. A good but wet run to the Plough to find very low oil pressure on the M25.

On getting to the Plough we checked the engine to find a rocker cover gasket was askew that fixed and new oil in the engine Oil pressure back to 60-70psi.

A good meal and we started the run waved off by everyone and the girls from the charity Mind. We had not long got going and I think we had just caught up Jason and Dave in the Courier when I noticed low oil pressure again. Pulling over at a petrol station we checked the engine only to find a hole in a oil take off for the oil cooler. Pulling the sandwich plate off the cooler we removed the problem and re filled the car with Castrol GTX (only oil available at the garage) as we had used all the classic oil I had come on the run with.

With great oil pressure we pushed onto Blythe and then Edinburgh airport. All was going well and on the next leg I decided to get some sleep so I would be fresh for the Skiah to John O’Groats leg.

A few miles above Pitlockery on the A9 heading for Skiah Services, I was asleep (well sort of) and the car was burbling rather well at about 65mph. Steve said he was trying to overtake a wagon as he pulled out beside the wagon he said the car just jumped out of gear. The car rolled to a halt with Steve making attempts to select a gear. In Steve's words we had a box full of neutrals.

Team Shorts were no more as it was blood freezing so the long trousers and fleeces were put on. A big thanks to the two guys in the V8 Herald who pulled over and gave us a hand with the car.

Well we waited for about an hour for the recovery service before a relay home to Manchester some many hours later. Me and Steve did discuss continuing on in his GT6 but we were not sure about if this would upset the MSA or the club so it was decided to call it a day. Steve said he was going to the Lancaster stop to cheer on the rest of the entrants but I said I did not have it in me. To say Gutted would not come close, especially after last years exit from the 10CR. It seems I have got my name back Bobby Broken Spit!

Well after a pint at home and some hot food I decided I was being a big girls blouse and phoned Steve at about a quarter to eight and asked him if it was too late to come to Lancaster, Steve being the great guy that he is said no problem and picked me up and we attended Lancaster to say hello to the rest. I was again really gutted to see everyone continue on without us in tow.

The car is in the garage until I can take a “be arsed” pill. To say I don’t want to look at it would be a fair comment but I will wait until Neil is back and speak to him about getting my engine lift to whip the engine and gearbox out and take a look at the box. I guess a full strip and inspection before I know what went wrong.

The Megasquirt will have to wait until the gearbox is sorted.

I just hope not all the people want their sponsorship money back.

Signing off.


posted by Bobbyspit 04th October 2010 1:09pm gmt

RBRR fundraising starts

Ok this is a brief update. RBRR is less than 43 days away, I have started a fundraising site with Virgin money giving.

The link to my personal fundraising page is

I am asking for people to donate what ever they can, however small. I have linked this through my Facebook page to try and generate interest and donations.

The car has been fully prepared for the run, passing the MOT last week, I just need to replace the rear differential with the 3.27 ratio one to give me better long distance capabilities.

Good luck to all co-entrants and lets hope we raise a good amount for this years charity.

All the best

posted by Bobbyspit 21st August 2010 07:33am gmt

International Auto Ecosse 2010

posted by Bobbyspit 07th June 2010 9:20pm gmt

A bit of wood work.

I have been meaning to make a gauge set for the centre console where the radio is currently.

I bought a wallnut dash but the colour of the wallnut did not match my main dash. So selling the old dash and make my own.
A mate gave me some off cut of wood and 20 mins with a jigsaw and a hole saw I have a centre dash.

With a little leather I covered the plywood and I have fitted three clocks, (the clock on the left is coming out for a water temp clock. Not bad if I say so myself.

posted by Bobbyspit 18th May 2010 10:59pm gmt


Didn't I do well? I managed to get a set of 4 injectors for a 1.4-1.6L for less than £20.

They even came with the fuel rail. They have very little use as the car was barley run in when I got them.

The fabrication of the inlet manifold has taken a step further as I have ordered the laser cut inlet manifold blanks out of 12mm stainless steel. More on that on a later post.

posted by Bobbyspit 12th May 2010 11:10pm gmt

Putting it all back together

Well I have spent the day putting the Spitfire back together after last weeks gearbox and engine out. I have fitted a new Fuse box and re wired the reverse light as it grounded out on the 10CR causing the loom to burn through. Everything sorted and the bonnet back on I have put the battery on charge to enable me to give her a run tomorrow.

Some bad news, In June/July last year someone reversed into the rear of my Spit dinting the rear bumper. I took it off today and tried to knock the dint out. No luck the Chrome has cracked so the bumper is staying off until I can get a replacement or get this one repaired and re-chromed.

I am going to wash the car tomorrow and I am off to the Lake District on Monday.

I hopefully will have the car sorted for good Friday when I hope to take her to the P&P meeting.

Fingers crossed with no gearbox leaks.

posted by Bobbyspit 27th March 2010 10:16pm gmt


Well after finishing my Exam and having a little more time on my hands I managed to do a little on the Megasquirt assembly. Well to say a little would be an understatement.

I finished the board a couple of days after my exam which was on the 9th March, and after plugging it into the stimulator, I heard a little click and the computer refused to communicate with the Daughter-board (main chip). After removing the Daughter-board I checked the voltages on the mount finding 2.5volts where 5volts should have been!

Well after panicking and fearing I had burnt the whole lot out, I followed the trouble shooting instructions on the Megasquirt main site, I checked all the build steps one by one and found nothing. So I went onto the Megasquirt Forum, where it is clear I am a novice at this, The fella I bought the kit from asked if Diode D19 (Capacitor 0.1µF 50V 10% CER RADIAL - X7R) was getting hot! Sure enough it was.

His suggestion was check all the board for bridged solder joints and replace Diode D19.

On checking the board out with a magnifying glass I found I had bridged the 12volt and the 5volt lines on Q1 which a (field effect transistors, used to drive the injectors) It was only a very very small bridge but this had burnt out D19 which regulates and protects the 5v circuit.

Now the tricky bit, get hold of a (Capacitor 0.1µF 50V 10% CER RADIAL - X7R) Maplins did not stock this item; other sites sold them but only in the 1000's. But as always I turned to EBay and found them in a shop in Japan. £2.99 for 50. They were only available in 50's so at three quid I placed the order.

Well I am pleased to say the Capacitors arrived today and I fitted the 1 needed and hey presto a fully working Megasquirt.

I have tested it on the Laptop with the Stimulator and all seems fine, I have loaded a basic Map and injection table to test the board and all seems superb.

What a relief!


posted by Bobbyspit 23rd March 2010 3:23pm gmt

Megasquirt/ Mega Stimulator

Ok After frying my brains with revision for what seems like forever I have taken a few hours break to clear my head. The Exam is on Tuesday and I can then concentrate on getting the Megasquirt built.

However I have managed to build the Mega Stim (used to check the Megasquirt as I build it) this was built the other night with a beer. (after 9 hours revision I needed a break) I was genuinely surprised with the quality of my soldering (much better than my previous work on the megajolt).
One thing I have noticed from the outset is the superb quality of the Megasquirt kit. It has clear labels on all parts and the quality of the board itself and the instructions are outstanding.

I have started to build the board and have completed steps 1 to 22, I have stopped whilst I figure out what IAC (idle air control) valve I will use and where to place this in my set up.

The IAC helps smooth out the start up sequence.

Pictures attached and as usual any questions or comments appreciated.


posted by Bobbyspit 06th March 2010 7:38pm gmt


Well after a lot of thought and reading up on the Hows and What if's I have decided to inject the Spit.

This will not be an overnight operation as I am planning to fabricate my own inlet and Plenum chamber as well as building the Megasquirt engine management unit myself.

The kit came today and it looks a superb quality piece of kit. More on this soon.

I have been busy with revision for an upcoming exam, however I am not holding my breath as I have been ultra busy at work and the last thing I have been wanting to do after a 18 hour day is revise. Well with the next few weeks off I plan to cram and cram. Fingers Crossed eh.

I have done a little on the car, the bonnet is off again waiting for the engine to come out for a bit of work on the gearbox seals again. I have also bought a new engine crane as the previous lift belonged to Bob King and I was going over and above the friendship barrier as I have had his lift more than he has over the last 12 months.

Well any Question please drop me a mail.


posted by Bobbyspit 24th February 2010 6:29pm gmt

P&P Not the Xmas meal.

On the first Friday of 2010 the usual suspects + some very welcome guests visited the local meet for what is known as 'Not the xmas meal' Where good food and lots of drink were consumed. Gluggg.

Steve Thompson won the P&P trophy this year as he had attended every meet in his Triumph as well as earned a few well earned bonus points.

I was refered to as Bobybroken Spit ,LOL.

I hope to have the car back on the road fully fit for the La Carrera Cannonball or its replacement event which I am really looking forward to after last years FlusterMuc of an event. BRING IT ON.

posted by Bobbyspit 26th January 2010 05:31am gmt

RBRR 2010.

Ok guys, car 59 its official.
I am now working hard at working out my niggles.
and there are lots.
I took the car out last week to Oulton Park and the carbs need setting up, the engine cut out on a few occassions which is down to the electrics! A fiddle with the ignition restored running.
Well a new fuse box will need to be fitted, new seals on the gearbox, a full set up on the carb will be needed. I have a load of other jobs like checking UJ's and changing the silicone to mineral!
I will as always try to keep this blog more updated than the other half of Team Insulated Shorts,
Steve Thomspon.
Keep an eye on the blog for regular updates.

posted by Bobbyspit 15th November 2009 02:16am gmt


With a few hours work and assistance as always from Tiggrr (Steve Thompson) the Broken beasie is now running again.

I had the head apart for a clean and re seat the valves and building the engine back up again before a nice test drive. The carbs need a little balancing and the battery needs charging other than that all seems well.

Thanks again to Steve, owe you a few pints mate.

posted by Bobbyspit 10th October 2009 9:05pm gmt

Knackered Gasket.

Well most of you know that I volunteered to compile the spares list for the 10CR.

Sorted a very good response from all who enabled me to compile a great big list for everyone.

I have learnt a few things one being to email everyone a list instead of printing them; it took an hour and over 1100 A4 pieces of paper.

Well being the spares man I was the first to break down on the run, once just outside the Plough (start) but that was I being a pillock not turning on the fuel pump! (In my defence the switch had just been fitted the day before). And the second time with an air box problem, which eventually led to my head gasket failure in France. (Thanks Don Cooke for the Tow and help)

So bugger the car was towed away and Neil and me waited for Footman James to decide if the car was to be recovered to the UK or not!

After 19 hours we had a hire car and were on the catch up to meet up with the 10CR crews at Bezier.

After catching up with the crews after a 1000km dash in 8 hours averaging a better 65mpg in the hire car, we met up with everyone for a beer before bed.

The next day was sublime as the French roads were superb up to Italy and Switzerland into Germany.

A brief stop at the Nurburgring (no laps in the hire car) and we were off again to carry on with the run.

Sticking with Steve and Gary (Car 8) we had a decent few days driving and a great night at Rouldec, Up early next day and a dash to the ferry where we dropped one hire car off and travelled over as foot passengers where we picked up another hire car and home. I would have liked to finish at the Plough but being totally miffed at the lack of Triumph decided to make our way back home which we did from Dover in 4 hours. I got the Spit back a week later and it did take me a fortnight to even lift the bonnet to see what was up with the engine, as I feared the worse.

Well on inspection it was just the Head Gasket, which miffed me a little more as I took a spare and a Torque wrench with me! Well you live and learn as they say.

One final note a BIG THANK TOU to Ellis Stokes and all involved in organising a great event, I look forward to 2012 but I hope there is more nights over and less motorway!
Ta ta for now Rob

posted by Bobbyspit 07th October 2009 10:20pm gmt

All stickered up!!

Just a quick peek! I applied the stickers today and re-mapped the ignition, runs superb.
Now off to the P&P Meet.

posted by Bobbyspit 04th September 2009 7:40pm gmt

New MOT and Stafford.

Well I took a week off work to carry out a bit of work on the car and some other jobs around the house!

Firstly I bought a new inlet/exhaust manifold gasket from Moss as the original item I had on was a little worse for ware! Well bugger me if the quality of gaskets have gone down the toilet! The new gasket was worse (new) than the one I had on! Paper thin! and only plated on one side! absolute rubbish and it will be returned to them on my next visit!
Well after a bit of hunting around I got the one I wanted from James Paddock! Superb service from them as always, providing two of the gaskets (ill keep one as a spare) That fitted with new gaskets for the carbs and brum brum the car starts better and now ticks over nicely!!
and with the new GB sticker and some headlight convertors I am almost ready for Europe!

Well a little bit of elbow grease and £50 later MOT in hand fresh for the 10CR.

So off for a test I drove to Stafford for the TSSC show! I met up with Neil in his Spit and we were joined by Steve Thompson and Marcus in their GT6's.

A nice steady run down to the show down the M6 doing a steady 70mph! With a few overtakes the car pulls well above 70 allowing easy overtaking. However I will be keeping the 10CR speeds to a steady smooth run!

I was a bit disappointed with Stafford £10 to get in (a bit steep in my opinion) and not the traders stands that they used to have! I think I will not be going next year! (I know tight giffer)

Well back to business, after Stafford I drove to Ilam which is nearby, where I enjoyed a walk with the missus and a cream tea! mmmmmmm.......

The car drove very nicely, however I have a new map for the Megajolt that should give a little more power at the top end and allow for better motorway cruising! (more on that this weekend when I trial the new map)

Well that is all for now! More updates soon!
Cheers Rob.

posted by Bobbyspit 20th August 2009 9:08pm gmt

Heat Sheild!

The Spitfire did very well over the Camping weekend!

However I do need to change the inlet manifold gasket before the 10CR as the gasket has had it! I have also just fabricated a heat-sheild for the gearbox! Yes a bit overkill but the exhaust runs past the gearbox and is heating the casing causing the oil to heat up and run thin, this in turn was pushing the oil through the seals on the front input shaft!
On short runs and wet runs I do not have a problem with dropping oil, however on longer hotter runs she pees oil!

So hence the heat shield! A big thanks to Steve Thompson for supplying the Alloy plate! and a BIG FANKS to Neil McDonnell for the help in fabricating and fitting it! It looks very professional!.

posted by Bobbyspit 02nd August 2009 01:19am gmt

Northern Camping Weekend and more work on the car.

A big thanks to all who came to the Northern Area Camping Weekend!

What a great time!
At the start of the weekend it rained! We got to the site on the Friday afternoon to put up a gazebo over bench seating, only to have a fellow camper come across and give us another Gazebo as he was leaving and thought we needed it! So with 2 Gazebos covering 2 banches we were set for the weekend. !

Well I thought the wet weather was in for the night so we all went to a pub in Kirkby Lonsdale were we enjoyed a few beers and a nice home cooked meal!

Back at the campsite we enjoyed a few beers and a chat until bed!

The Wigwams were excellent and all enjoyed a good night sleep!! Up early to enjoy a sausage Butty before heading off into the lakes and to the very welcome SUNSHINE!! Yes even the sun turned up!

We met up with Marcus at the foot of Woodhead pass before a convoy of Triumphs made our way over the pass! We called in to Haverthwaite Railway where the cars got some serious attention from some very nice Chinese tourists! I enjoyed a slice of cheese pie and salad! Before we all drove back to the site, where we were met by Ed and his family!

A few more beers and talking about the days drive and Marcus’s car received a lot of attention (and rightly so as it is a superb motor)
The evening BBQ went rather well if not for a brief shower, I think I can honestly say the weekend was a success! I am now looking at organising next years weekend festivities, but due to a massive demand! I will be booking the Wigwams early! In-fact I will be booking the Wigwams in the next few weeks as they already have paid bookings for next year! So please if you are interested please PM me through the Club’s Forum!

posted by Bobbyspit 01st August 2009 10:44pm gmt


Thanks to everyone on the CT Forum and Sideways Forum for the advice about the previous post!!

It turned out to be a flattened Manifold gasket that was causing all the problems! I cannot believe the noise the manifolds were making!

However I cannot complain, the engine has been in and out 3 times on that gasket so pretty good build quality!!

Car now running very well indeed!!

Thanks for all the advice.


posted by Bobbyspit 17th July 2009 01:17am gmt

Horrible wining noise.

Horrible wining noise.

I set the tappets today and did a bit of cosmetics in the car for the weekend.
I tried to start the car and again flattened the battery and then the battery pack.

I have no idea what is up, it will only start with the use of jump leads. So I started the car with the assistance of a modern motor and a set of jump leads, and she runs. BUT there is a horrible wining noise, it sounds like a dry bearing but not if you know what I mean?? It is coming from the carb side and goes a little quieter when you press down on the carbs? Any suggestions?


posted by Bobbyspit 14th July 2009 6:56pm gmt

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